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  • Family is the focus of our attention!

    Over the past 35 years, the Tulman family has been helping
    It advises and guides the trip of the bosom and erotic mothers or from
    They are preparing to become parents in the future.

    Our direct experience has given us a world (overheating!) That connects us to 8 children’s vision and desire to launch our own brand.

    Back in the nineties, we launched the world’s first solid and soft food product, and in 2003 we developed a full range. So Vital Baby® was born!

    Since then, we have seen how the modern mother and father have changed and worked hard to change with them. We are constantly creating fun and innovative products that are primarily safe for children.

    “With many years of experience, the expert question (you)
    We have developed a full range of Bisphenol-free products (BPA) for better health for your innovative child, who are facing the challenges parents face. We have products that cover natural nutrition and nutrition through plastic bowls. We have thought about everything to make dining time a fun and easy experience for the family.
    In Vital listen to what mothers and fathers want that your child deserves something special. “
    Dean Tullman, Director of Veital Baby

    Our Awards

    Here at Vital we pride ourselves on being honest and committed to what we do.
    Do not just take our word for it … others think we are too special